About Pragya Sagar Public School

"One paragraph is not enough to tale down the story of a book. Similarly a lines can't define the vision of a school."

To deliver the quality learning in a caring and enthusiastic environment with main priority on right guidance, under right motivation and with right guidance. Pragya Sagar Public School’s School happily brings you to the most different and promised sound academic development with protracted vibrant and co-curricular programmes that encompass sports, music, dance, art & craft and many more.
Its mission is to impart the cherish of knowledge in students and for this, we develops the intelligence and attitude of waylong research and learning, which is essential for becoming a responsible citizens. This will make them inordinately capable of facing the future with flexibility, confidence and enthusiasm.
On the other level, everyone tries to quaff the motto of the school with the values of Right Guidance, Right Motivation & Right Environment that are the foundation of real success.
In Pragya Sagar Public School primary focus is laid on literature and not on teaching because education is not just about the subjects that are learnt and taught in school but a uncompromising hunt of knowledge and growth.

Our Belief

We believe that education is a endless mechanism that has to be enlighting in nature and keep pace with changing times. We are firmly committed to change. Our primary objective is to establish “self learning” which brings about the process of “life-long learning” in our Students.

Deeply Personalised Learning

We celebrate the distinctiveness of every pupil supporting them to find their own answers

Our small class sizes ensure that our teachers give personaliized attention to every student and share strong personal bonds with each of them. Starting academic year 2020-21, we have launched a comprehensive technology integration program under which all classes till Grade 5 will be having a pc or a laptop in their classes. These devices will help teachers gather data on every student performance and interests more effectively whcih will enable them to customise the learning journey of each and every child as per there area of interest.

Whole Child Development

Students get freedom across a variety of interests to choose whether it be sports, art and design, or music

Our whole child development approach inculcated to education focuses on developing every child’s into the self-awareness, intrinsic capability, and collaboration skills so that they can auspiciously navigate their future. Our trained & qualified teachers draw on student's area of interest, with learning ability and learning styles to create an education that can cultivate the whole child - academically, socially, and emotionally.

Ecstatic Quest of Excellence

A brain which is not happy cannot learn

We set different standards of achievement for every student which is totally dependent on their skill sets and we believe that achieving those standards is only possible if the school provides a caring and cheerful environment to them.

Our Team

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