Pragya Sagar Public School

We are building framework of India.

Pragya Sagar Public School is established by Shree Mahadev Shikshan Evam Jankalyan Samiti in 2020 for the public benefit and there recognition globally. Pragya Sagar Public School gives its students an amazing education, secure in timeless values. We empower children to develop into citizens who live lives of aspire and quality.

  • Our Mission

    We discipline our students into men and women who will be commander of characteristics, committed to a spirit of greatness, through high-quality education imparted by highly experienced and motivated teachers toward building strong ethics and standards while focusing on all-round development, creativity and entrepreneurship..

  • Our Activity
    • Right Guidance
    • Right Motivation
    • Right Environment
  • Our Vission

    To become a revered institution while grooming the child of today to be a capable, authoritative civilians and encouraging the growth holistically by generating a blooming schooling climate involving the teaching and parental community at large.


Pragya Sagar Public School

Pragya Sagar will be always known for academic intelligence, and will be producing miraculous results. The major expertise of our teachers is to guide students toward the holistic evolution. With a curriculum specially curated to cherish growth, the purpose behind the school is to build a better future for the students and for the community nearby.

Education System

The education system here is a mixture of traditional ethics with modern mutation. Human ethics being our primary concern we want students to carry the cudgel of human values. Classrooms are equipped with comfortable and cozy furniture, contemporary as well as excellent audio-visual aids and white marker-boards for compelling result oriented teaching and learning involvement. The school also bluster of well-equipped laboratories to gratify the enjoy of learnings of students. To provide the students with the very best in learing, our school library has a huge collection of encyclopedias, classics, journals, reference books and magazines.
At present, the school is a full-fledged Co-educational English medium School which is till class 5th. The qualified and diligent staff has worked with adherence and co-operation to camouflage in reality the imagination of our great mentors. It’s there efforts which will make Pragya sagar Public School one of the best public institutions in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Our Facilities

Digital Classes

Learning & Understanding

Physical surroundings play a important role in the success of educational programs. With this vision in mind every classroom has an interactive smart classes with digital learning resources.


Comfort & Safety

Pragya Sagar Public School is been designed to ensure the comfort and safety of the students. The campus is spacious, well-ventilated, best equipped with all best facilities.


Knowledge & Understanding

The moto behind providing a well maintained library is to introduce the reading habit of students. Extensive & exclusive collection of encyclopedias, magazines, story books help students to satisfy their curiosity.

Sports & Co-Curriculars

Overall Development

Pragya Sagar Public School provides professionally trained staff to build and enhance the talent of yoqur ward. Their flexible and relatable approach results in the overall exact growth of the students and excel through a wide range of activities.